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今回のタイトルは”Hunting for the Grip”(グリップを求めて)となっています。今シーズン、タイヤの温めに苦戦しているキミ。特に雨のレースでは、タイヤの温まりが悪いようです。



Kimi Italian Review
“Hunting for the Grip”(グリップを求めて)












Sometimes it’s rough. You try and try but nothing seems to go your way. I haven’t been winning for ages and I haven’t got many points either. In Monza, we finished the race but it didn’t feel any better compared to the two previous ones with DNFs.

We now have had five races without points. Obviously, you don’t have to be Einstein to realise that this is not the way to fight for the championship. It’s not over, I’ll never give up.

We have had the same problem too many times. With this car in certain circumstances it’s too difficult to get the right temperature to the tyres – especially if it rains. And it seems to rain in almost every race nowadays.

It rained a lot in Monza. Unfortunately for me, there is no reason to talk about anything else apart from the last laps of the race. The car was really good on Friday in the dry. But in the wet on Saturday I simply could not get the tyres up to temperature. This is something we need to understand, because the car is very good when it has the right temperatures in the tyres. But the race is all over by then.

Obviously at the moment things simply are not going my way. Sometimes things happen like that. But I will keep pushing and hopefully my luck will change. I would like to win a couple of more races by the end of this season.

I have not lost my skills for driving in the wet. But you have to get the car right to be able to fight in the rainy races, too. If there is no grip, you cannot fight. You just drive and drive and hope that everything gets sorted out.

While it started to dry up in Monza, it was like switching on the lights. Everything felt well and I was able to attack the corners but it was much, much too late by then.

Now we go to Mugello to test. We do our very best to solve the problem. We wouldn’t mind if it would rain all week.

We are heading for the new challenges. It’s good for F1 and the drivers to race in a new city like Singapore. It will also be the first ever night race in F1 so it’s a completely new experience for everybody. The atmosphere will be great. Hot and humid seems to be more favourable for Ferrari.

You never know what happens in the race. There is no reason to make any plans. We just concentrate on doing our very best. Whoever has the most points after the last race of the season will be champion.

I’m really happy to extend my agreement with Ferrari. They are the best team in F1. My memories of last season will never be forgotten and I would like to repeat that feat again.


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